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Tips Location C Live Local Visual Studio .Net Windows Live Windows Microsoft Unit Tests JavaScript Twitter SQL Fire Eagle Brave Location Google AppEngine XML Performance Counters IE7 debugging. Java. Javascript.If there is potential for the XML having multiple error elements you can use SelectNodes to get an XmlNodeList that contains all elements at that xpath. Xml Selectnodes. A-Z Keywords.Keyword Suggestions. xml selectnodes javascript example xml selectnodes select all nodes xml selectnodes javascript count example. XML Path Language (XPath) queries can be used to query the XML documents with DOM methods such as selectNodes or selectSingleNode. I get error for this code: Uncaught TypeError: xmlDoc.selectNodes is not a function.I am using rhino in a s. How to effectively analyze xml in javascript. I have a big xml structure. Presentation on theme: "AJAX. Технология AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML Обычныйvar xmlDoc oXml.responseXML var contacts xmlDoc.selectNodes( /xml/contacts/person ) alert Im wondering how thats possible given the infrastructure code depending on selectNodes() to work.I found this forum post with a side-by-side chart of incompatibilities between the XML DOM XmlNodeList nodes document.SelectNodes("xml/item") foreach (XmlNode childnode in nodes) .