javascript empty file upload field check





For fields that are left empty, the uploaded files array will have an empty file entry, with an error code of Upload::UPLOADERRNOFILE. When processing errors, check the error code first, before trying to use any of the other fields in the returned array. Multiple File Input Fields in One Form. Multiple File Upload Widgets on the same page. Options. Performance Optimizations.Why do I get an empty file upload result when uploading large files (PHP)? You probably have a server-side setting preventing you to upload larger files. When filled in it opens a frame application with the image showing to the proportions of the sizes entered - this all works fine. If the file upload field is left blank the application opens with a blank space where the image would be. [eluser]pulok[/eluser] How can I check if user has selected any file to upload (before calling the this->upload->doupload() in my controller)? This is needed because there are other input fields along with a file upload field which is not mandatory. a checkbox that, when checked, deletes the currently uploaded file. note that theres no way to upload an empty file, so you need something like this to clear out the fields value.Dynamically set value of a file input. How to check whether a string contains a substring in JavaScript? A JavaScript script that checks the file type, file extension, before Upload.If the file extension is found in the allowed list, enables the "Submit" button, else, it deletes the value in the " file" field, disables the Submit button, and displays an alert message. I am new to web development, and the latest problem I have been having is ajax file uploading Right now I have two HTML input fields a file input and a button.When I vardump() the POST and FILES array it shows both arrays as empty. val() returns "" if its empty so im using: fileselected new Boolean(("form input[type file]").val()). is this ok or is there a better way?An empty string is falsy in JavaScript, meaning you can just test the string itself. if (("foo").val()) .

but the problem is that it will also replace the submit button even if the file upload field is empty.If a file has been uploaded echo