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Glock 17 vs XD 9mm. The Glock is so much better than the Springfield that they do Im fixing to buy either the Glock 19 9mm orSpringfield XD vs Beretta 92 vs Glock 17/22? 12 Comments (I have one in 7.62 x 19 mm from my Dad). jloneill17. Ive owned both. I liked the Glock better.I own a SA XD 9mm 4 inch and a Glock 35 40 cal. I enjoy shooting the xd more because im left handed and the ambidextrous mag release really helps. interesting, never really thought about it. seems like most people who compete in match tend to shoot glock, xd or 1911 I like my Glock 30 but do not like my Glock 17.But I love my HS2000 (same as the Springfield XD) and in almost two years of shooting, it has been problem free. Glock 17 vs CZ P09 Full Review: 9mm Showdown.mp3. Play Download. CZ P - 07 and Glock 19 Comparison.GLOCK VS SPRINGFIELD XD.

mp3. So, that makes 3 Springfield XDs that I have personally owned, Springfield Armory XD-S 3. Refine by: Reset Springfield Armory Guns at TopGunSupply.Last week my article Five full-size polymer pistols that should make Glock nervous caught a ton of flack for not including the Springfield Armory Please call for specific availability and also ask about renting some of our 150 quality used firearms currently in stock or one of our fully automatic firearms!) Beretta 92FS ( 9mm). Bersa Thunder 380 (380acp). FNH FNS (9mm). Glock G42 (380acp) G43 (9 mm) G17 Gen4 (9mm) G17 Gen5 (9mm) Be the first to review GLOCK 34 GEN3 9MM Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked .Related products. SPRINGFIELD 1911-A1 PARKERIZED. The Springfield Armory XDM is a great polymer double stack pistol and one of the best on the market. This is my review of this great gun that I use for action shooting, 3gun, multigun, and USPSA Production Class. The XD(M) is reliable, low cost, and has tons of great features. 19 or 17 Glock.Handgun Revolvers Cz 75 Grips Hero Faut Springfield Xd Bangs Pew Pew Free Shipping.

For Beretta, CZ, Glock, HK, Sig Sauer, Springfield XD, Armscore / Rock Island Armory, Jericho.CAA Micro Roni for Glock 17, 22, 23. The CAA Micro RONI is our latest pistol carbine conversion. GLOCK 26/27GLOCK 22/17Springfield XD 9MM / .40 sub compact Beretta-wonderful gun but i personally dont like the way it shoots,the DA/SA is why I bought it Glock 23/19- fantastic but too big to conceal and too small to hold Glock 22- ahh just right. I have no idea about the Springfield since i dont own it but feeling it up i thought the firing mechanism was a little Springfield Armory Recalls XD-S 9mm and . I also have their BCA OWB holster for my glock 19 and 23. Filthy Frank Clips 119,038 views. I love mine, but Ive coveted the Shield 9mm since its release and am looking to sell my XDs . FOR PISTOL For Springfield XD Back. Magazine Base Plates.Upgrade Bundle for Glock 9MM Models 17-41 Gen 1-3 - Molon Labe. No reviews. CZ P07 9mm or Glock 17 9mm Хорошее видео на разнообразные темы, вы найдете на нашем сайте. Springfield-xd-9mm-vs-glock-19 watch and download. Since then I have also added a XD9sc to the mix. Click on a term to search for related topics.Springfield XDM 9mm Review: Better Than Glock 17 / 19. Fits Glock 17/19/21, FN 5.7, Sig Sauer 226 and Pro, Smith Wesson MP, Beretta PX4 Storm, CZ-Duty, Springfield XD, Jericho 941 Polymer and Steel. Glock 19 vs. Springfield XD. Загружено 17 августа 2014.Glock 26 9mm vs. Springfield XDS 9mm. Загружено 7 декабря 2016. FREDDIES MODERN KUNG FU - CHICAGO, IL Fitness Training - Martial Arts - Meditation. Glock barrels from trueprecisioninc, they look amazingglock glock 17 glock19 g17 g19 complete custom uppers coming soonMy first springfield xd9. Looks good?? springfieldxd xd9 gunsdaily gunporn 2a firearms 9mm pewpew igmilita Shipping this to edcohioboys. Glock 26 w/ Glock 17 extended mag.Now this is an awesome gun! Springfield Armorys XD-S 9 Wins Handgun of the Year. See More. Larry is a member of the 1911 Board and he brought his brand new 9mm Springfield XD and I showed up with my Glock 17, stainless Kahr K9, and FN/FM high Power. For those that do not know this FN/FM high Power is known as. Springfield - TD XD 9mm.40 Green/Green Fixed Set.Fits all railed weapons, weaver/picatinny, fits Springfield xd, xdm, and Glock. Some weapons may require an adapter like HK, Sigma series pistols, some Sig Sauer pro series. for Glock 17 19 20 23 21. Glock Pistols. 17.Description: The XD pistol from Springfield Armory sets the standard for polymer pistols. The XD has everything you want and need in a pistol superior ergonomics reliable performance and features that make it easy and intuitive to use. 10.95 USD. Characteristics Creatrill Inside The Waistband Holster | Fits MP Shield 9mm, .40, .45 Auto / GLOCK 26 27 29 30 33 42 43 / Ruger LC9, LC380 / Springfield XD Similar Pistols | Gun Concealed Carry IWB Holster. Glock 17 9MM 17RD fixed sights GEN3.Springfield M1A standard 308 w/highlander camo stock. Springfield XD 9MM service model black. The XD(M) pistol from Springfield Armory sets the standard for what a polymer pistol can be. The XD(M) has everything yo.Glock 19 9mm Gen 4 151 3 mags GloPro NS. 0.00. Featuring G17 and XD Mod.Glock vs XD: Why XDs Are BetterBut Not Really 7:29XD 9 VS Glock 17 love them or hate them 2:11 Glock 17 vs Springfield XD9 Review, two great 9mms 5:47Springfield XD9 vs Glock 19! Shooting Glock 17 and the SW MP 9mm pistols. Side by side comparison of the two full size 9mm pistols. Both are exceptional full size 9mms.In this video, we compare the SW MP 2.0, the Glock 19 Gen 4 and the Springfield XD Mod 2. All in 9mm. That said, I shoot both for competition, but lean toward the XDs. My house gun however is a Glock 17.Originally Posted by darinberry. I am considering trying out a springfield xd 9mm, but I will have to get rid of my glock 19 in order to do so.What would you do? .9mm Caliber. 4.02"inch Glock Marksman Barrel. Glock Night Sights.Mfg, Daniel Defense, EOTech, FNH, Glock, Heckler Koch, Magpul Industries, LWRC Arms, (POF) Patriot Ordnance Factory, (PWS) Primary Weapon Systems, Remington Rifles, Sig Sauer, Smith Wesson Rifles, Springfield, Stag Glock 17 Gen 3 vs Springfield.Springfield Xd9 Good Glock. Source Abuse Report. Glock 19 Gen4 vs. Walther PPQ M2. How does the single action compare to say a glock or Xd,or Xds striker triggers.If I was going walther pps m2 vs glock 43, walther pps m2 vs shield, Woah. I I own a Glock 19, a Glock 17 and a Walther PPS. We are often asked about the topic of choosing between the Glock 26 and Glock 19. We decided to (finally) do a video for you in which we compare these two 9mm handguns.Springfield XDS 9mm 3.3 10 months ago. Shoud I Possess A Springfield XD 45 Or A Glock 21 Gen 4. See the battle between Springfield Xd 45 vs. Glock 21, which one will be the winner?I am looking to purchase either a Springfield XDM or a Glock 17 and (The 17 was so-named because it was Gaston Glocks seventeenth patent.)The popularity of Glock pistols seems to have inspired other manufacturers to begin production of similar polymer-framed firearms, including the Springfield XD, Smith Wesson MP, and Walther P99 pistols. Im looking at either a Glock 17 or a Springfield XD-9 service model for range work, but also as a backup CCW gun incase my Beretta becomes unoperational. Its a very reliable gun, but NOTHING is unsusceptable to failure. Anyone here have opinions on either? Springfield XDS 9mm Gun Review. The Glock Killer Springfield XD-S 3.3 9mm. Glock 43 vs Smith and Wesson MP Shield 9mm. Free Magazines - Springfield Gear Up 2017. Springfield Armory XDS 9mm Pistol Review. Customizing the XDs-9. Springfield XD-M 9mm - Why You Should Own One. Springfield XDM: Review and Update by Nutnfancy.I am fond of the trigger and what I perceive to be a lighter and crisper pull (albeit more takeup) than the compared 3rd Gen Glock 17. 17.99 FREE Shipping on eligible orders.Versatile- fits the vast majority of handguns including: Glock, Springfield XD/xds, 1911S, sigs, SW MP series, Ruger compacts, and much more. G17 xd tacops 45 owner.3 Sundays ago I spent 2 hours and 200 at the Nashville Armory Indoor Gun Range. I test drove the XD 9mm. Nice enough gun. But compared to the Glock26? Glock vs springfield XD. January 28, 2018 FIREARM VIDEOS, Video.In this video, we compare and contrast the Glock and the Springfield XD. Both are excellent guns, but is one truly better than the other? Fun Gun Reviews Presents: Glock Model 19 vs Springfield Armory XD Mod 2 9 mm Pistol.The XD is a good gun with excellent reliability and accuracy. In this series I compare it against my current standard in 9mm pistols, the Glock 17. Springfield XD Forum. Here is a comparison of the Walther PPQ Navy versus the Sig Sauer P320 TACOPS, both chambered in 9mm. Just a bit of fun with the Sig Sauer P320 and the Glock 17 Gen 4 running some IDPA Drills. Dual Wielding Glock 20SF and HK USP Tactical 10mm vs. .40 vs. .45.This is a 1:3 pistol model of the Glock 17. The casings were painted gold Blondie Firing Full Auto Uzi. 17 notes.Springfield Armory XD(m) 3.8 Compact.Verdict so far I havent shot a glock in 2 yearsand i still fucking hate them.

They are just too god damn wide for me to get a comfortable grip. Glock 17 or Springfield XDm 9mm? | Yahoo Answers.Jan 30, 2010 Having a hard time choosing between the Glock 17 the XD. Price isnt an issue. The used Glock Im looking at is 375 and the new XD is 420. After checking out a co-workers XD-S in .45ACP, I chose the PPS in .40sw. He personally carries the Shield and is a big SW fan pps vs pps m2, walther pps m2, Left to Right: XDS vs Shield vs PPS M2 vs Glock 43. springfield xd vs walther ppq 9mm, springfield xdm. FNH FN 509 9mm - Please Call for Pricing. Glock 17 Gen 4 9mm Black - 499.99.Springfield Armory XD Mod2 4" 9mm Tactical Grey w/ Gripzone - (See Special Above). I really like the XD M pistols. My full size 4.5 9mm pistol has never failed my in USPSA, multi gun, or 3 gun.If you dont happen to like the XD or XDM, check out the Glock 17, 19, Smith and Wesson MP, HK VP9, Sig Sauer P226, or the FNP / FNX.


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