how to make asp textbox readonly in javascript





Need to disable a textbox, or make it readonly, using JavaScript? Heres how: document.form1.text1.disabled true.CSS JavaScript Classic ASP WebDev. The following Asp.Net program shows how to get asp.Net TextBox value by using JavaScript.Getting Asp.Net Label value using Javascript. Lets say you have a label like below. < asp:Label ID"lblid" runat"server" Text"Test Label"/>. I am having two radio buttons and two textbox. When I click on first checkbox, both texbox should not be readonly. But when I select second radio button it should make both text box readonly.

net or any javascript? i know i should add "if/else stmt" but what about to show the value(i.e. text box value) in readonly"James" If the item is inside a Web Form in Insert mode, how can I change the TextBox value by using .net script or JavaScript at run-time?Please help on how I can make the ASP textbox appear. You can make an ASP.NET TextBox control ReadOnly at RunTime using jQuery with helps of each() and attr() builtin JQuery functions in code describes how to make a textbox control read only in using JQuery. Library source Files List Web Development Javascript. Make an ASP.NET TextBox ReadOnly atView: 320 Dowload: 0 Comment: 0 Post by: hanhga Author: none Category: Javascript Fields: Other.Following code describes how to make a textbox control read only in using JQuery. How do you set the Textbox read only property to true or false using JavaScript in ASP.NET?Based on the value of the radio button clicked, I need to make the text in the textbox text1 readonly and not editable. How can I do this in the javascript function? In this short and simple article, we will see how to check a condition and make a TextBox readonly at runtime using jQuery. This article is a chapter from my EBook called 51 Recipes with jQuery and ASP.

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