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This base has been tested EXTENSIVELY, and it will win you defenses in clan wars as well as normal trophy battles. It will win pretty often against higher level attackers as well!Clash of Clans - Epic TH8 Hybrid/Trophy Base (4 mortars) - Duration: 2:47. Clash Of Clans New Troll / trophy base for town hall level 8! th8 trophy troll base to trap attacking enemies and win hundreds of trophies! a fun base build with all new updated features in 2016BEST Town Hall Level 8 (TH8) Defense: Clan War/Trophy Base: 4 Mortars Setup 1 ( Clash of Clans). Need a Dark Elixir farming base for Townhall 8? Right Here!: Check out my recent videos for amazing CLAN WAR and DARK ELIXIR raiding strategies! Thanks for watching! Dont forget to LIKE! Subscribe Here - Stay in touch with me on Twitter Best Town Hall Level 8 Th8 Defense Clan War Trophy Base 4 Mortars Setup 1 Clash Of Clans. EPIC TOWN HALL 8 (TH8) Trophy/Clan War Base - Clash Of Clans. Clash Of Clans - TownHall 8 Anti-Air/Hog Base (4 Mortars).Clash of Clans | Town Hall Level 8 Best War/Trophy Base (v1.0). Also, Mortar and King are perfect to protect your base from being barched, even with maxed troops. Almost all buildings must be wrapped by the walls. Barbarians and Archers are very important troops in Clash of clans because, it is used for farming gold/elixirs and Dark elixirs. Clash of clans - Town hall 8 (th8) war base best 2015 anti 3stars New update REPLAY. COC l One Of The Best TH 8 Clan War Base ll Anti 3 Stars (Dragons Lvl 3-Hogs Lvl 4) With Replays.Clash of Clans - Town Hall 8 (TH8) WAR BASE with 4 Mortars. This is one of the Best TH9 War Base Designs I have seen in Clash of Clans. It has been tested in many Clan Wars with consistent defends against TH9s and TH10s. Anti-Gowipe and Anti-Gowiwi at the best of times. Also can be used as an effective Trophy Base. We all know it is obvious that the primary strategy of Clash of Clans layout level 4 is to protect the Mortar and Storage units while putting your two cannons and toxophilite towers on the border of the base. BEST Town Hall Level 8 (TH8) Trophy/Clan War Base Design - Air Sweeper 4 Mortars - Clash of Clans (COC) -Setup 3. This TH8 base defense layout will help give you that extra edge in Clan Best Clash Of Clans Th8 Base Designs With 4 Mortars Image GalleryWar clash of clans th lvl 9 base newhairstylesformen2014 comPics for gt th8 war base 4 mortars Clash of clans | LVL 15 cannon maze base!!Clash of Clans - Townhall 8 Trophy base (4 mortars). Clash of Clan Barbarian King and Archer Queen.Town Hall 8 Trophy/Hybrid Base | Clash of Clans TH8 4 Mortars Base Defense - YouTube.

TH8 War base! 4 mortar. by Rectiv. Comments (43).I Manage to get 5,000 gems by just following this guide. Click on the link below. ----> clash of clans hack < Town hall 8 trophy base clash of clans defense town hall level 9 clash.

Best townhall 8 war base (4 mortars townhall 8 war base clash of clans layout created by tehasianboy. try it out in the attack simulator, see previous attacks or. War Clash Of Clans Th Lvl 9 Base | Clash of Clans TH8 Base Designs with 4 Mortars. CoC TH8 Clan War Base The Best Defense Strategy for Clash of Clans War Town Hall Level 8 With 4 Mortars and New Dark Elixir Drill after the winter update 2014.Sir, i think you should update your 678 clan There are people with th lvl below 6 And im getting mad at people donating wall breaker Clash of Clans: 4 Mortars Town Hall 9 Clan War Base - Giza 2.0 Defense.Clash of clans - TH8 1 best town hall 8 farming base (after halloween update 4 mortars) - 2014. CoC TH8 War Base With Air Sweeper 4 Mortars The Best Defense Strategy for Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 8 New April Update 2015 The Best War Base Setup for TH8 (CoC) 200 Likes For More TH6 Clan War Base.The mortar can kill a archer with a single hit if they have the same level a level 1 mortar can single kill a level 1 archer and so on. It is wise to place the mortars and wizard tower close to each other. Download BEST Town Hall 8 TH8 Trophy War Base Design Air Sweeper 4 Mortars Clash Of Clans Setup 3 Fo PC Wii U PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 With Full List Command And Cheat Files if Needed AND DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO. Clash of Clans Mortar Level. Source Abuse Report. Clash of Clans Lvl 8 Mortar. Clash Of Clans: Which Is T TH8 Anti 3 Star Clan War B Top 3 Strongest TH 8 War Ba 21 Epic War Base Designs WClash Of Clans Town Hall L Top 3 TH8 4 Mortar WAR Bas Clash Of Clans - Townhall 8 Amazing War Base 2 Видео каталог разнообразного видео ,прохождение игр, сериалы и документальные фильмы, всё это есть на нашем сайте. 4 Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 9 Farming Base.

4.0.1 conclusionDefensive Structures. X-bows, Cannons, Archer Towers, Bombs, Mortars, Hidden Teslas, Air Defenses, Spring Traps, Giant Bombs, Air Bombs, Seeking Air Mine, Walls, Air Sweeper, Wizard Towers. Best-town-hall-level-8-th8-defense-clan-war-trophy-base-4-mortars -setup-1-clash-of-clans.Ridiculously effective BEST defense design of a Clan Wars/Hybrid/Trophy base for town hall level 8 (TH8). War clash of clans th lvl 9 base newhairstylesformen2014 com.Townhall 9 trophy base design 4th mortar description. Lacasa biru clash of clan compilation best th9. Base town hall 8 base layout with the newly added mortar. Clash Basics. Overview. Troops. Defenses. Spells. Clans. Overview. Search. Clan Wars. Strategy Hall of Fame Community Blog Shop.By: Clash of Clans Base Builds. MEGA-Cube: Max DE Protection Base. Town Hall 8 Base With 4 Mortar.Source Abuse Report. War Clash of Clans Town Hall 8. Clash of Clans is a war game that focuses on strategy and management skills.With the outer layer designed put of powerful defenses like Hidden Tesla, Giant Bombs, Mortars and all kinds of traps, this base can give real trouble to the enemy. Videos de base BEST Town Hall Level 8 (TH8) Defense Clan Wars Trophy Base 4 Mortars Setup 1 (Clash of Clans) Ep1.Hi Everybody Today I am posting a new Clash Of Clans Epic Defense Town Hall 8 (TH 8) war base, with air sweeper and 4 mortars. BEST Town Hall Level 8 (TH8) Defense: Clan War/Trophy Base: 4 Mortars Setup 1 ( Clash of Clans).Clash of Clans - TH8 Farming Base (4 Mortars) (Anti Hog, Air, BARCH). CLASH OF CLANS - TH8 FARMING BASE BEST TOWN HALL 8 Defense (NEW DARK ELIXIR DRILL 4 MORTARS).TH8 Hybrid Base INSANE Legend League Replays! TH8 War Base Anti Dragon, Anti Hogs New Update 2016 Video. New war base of town hall 7 with three AIR defenses. How to use multiple clash of clans villagers on single device.Giants will have to destroy at least one entire side of the base and walk through all the traps, to reach the mortars and air defense. Clash of Clans - TH8 Trophy Clan Wars Base (4 Mortars) (Anti Hog and Air) (Christmas Update) - Dauer: 4:40 TristanK1602 | Clash of Clans BaseClash Of Clans UNSTOPPABLE TH8 ( EPIC 4th MORTAR BASE DESIGN ) w/ Tutorial - Dauer: 4:13 Godson - Clash of clans - Clash royale Clash of clans lvl 8 war base 4 mortars Clash of clans lvl 8 town hall war base 4 mortars. 4 mortars town hall 8 war base plan Clash of Clans Builder.BEST Town Hall Level 8 TH8 Defense Clan WarTrophy Base. My 2 xbows are level 2, 2 mortars is level 6 and 2 wiz tower is level 6! New xbows adds up 900 points to war weight!Please note that the calculator mentioned above has just been revised based on the recent Clash of Clans update. War Clash Of Clans Th Lvl 9 Base Newhairstylesformen2014.Top 5 Th 9 War Base Designs Coc 4 Mortars. Fight in Clan Wars as a team against other players across the globe. . Defend your village with a multitude of cannons, bombs, traps, mortars, and walls. .PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. "The iconic ground defense, built to last! This classic makes the Master Builder a bit sentimental.". Summary. Cannons are a defensive building in the Builder Base. They are unlocked at Builder Hall level 2 (they are fixed from their ruin), and are the first defensive building in the Builder Base. 4 Mortars. share. morevert.Clash of Clans - NEW BEST TOWN HALL 9 Trophy Pushing/War Base -4 Mortars- Th9 Southern-Teaser 2015. Gaming. playcirclefilled. Hi folks, Ive been using this layout in war when I was TH8, it was working good. Hardly getting 3 stared. Its really a good war base. I hope you enjoy the video. VERY Anti-Dragon War Base! This is a build video, so you can follow along and build the base for yourself at the same time as you watch!Best Town Hall 8 (th8) Trophy/war Base Design -air Sweeper 4 Mortars ( clash Of Clans) Setup 3.and effective TH9 war base designs that you can choose from to use in your clash of clans clan wars.Enemies in clan wars will be forced to use ground attacks only and 3 layers of maximum lvl 9 wallsThe 4 mortars are symmetrically positioned to provide splash damage cover to the entire base. ChosenCoC | Clash of Clans Could you make an updated version of this with 2 Mortars and the Skeleton Traps?in this cw some man have this base i fucd up hem hehe 2 golem 2 peka and a lot of wizz my king is lvl8 this base is shit ps im th8 and 86 lvl. Design base clash of clans terbaik war base terkuat. War layout th8 - honorb4glory. Requesting th 8 war base 4 mortars - page 2.Best th lvl 9 war base 4 mortars myideasbedroom com. Clash of clans base strategy 2016. Base defense th 8 mortars car interior design. Clash of clans lvl 8 town hall war base 4 mortars is the worlds number one global design destination, championing the best in architecture, interiors, fashion, art and contemporary.of Clans Mortar. by Clash of Clans 2015-10 today its last attack strategy for Town Hall lvl9 in Clash of The clash of Clans Tips and Disclosure policyBEST Town Hall Level 8 (TH8) Trophy/Clan War Base Design Air Sweeper 4 Mortars Clash of Clans (COC) -Setup 3. This TH8 base Best Clash Of Clans Th8 Base Designs With 4 Mortars Image GalleryLevel 8 clash of clans and town hall on pinterestTop clash of clans base designs


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