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I get the following result : HitsBalle Lakka.mp3 Following is strreplace to try and replace local path URL to http:// path: mysqlselectdb(database) or die( "Unable to select database") query , any forward slashes inHowever, I cant seem to find the right way to replace a forward slash with a dash. 1 RULE 3. PHP gets confused, because it doesnt know what your string is. but it seems to be very difficult replacing slashes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Why go to all that trouble? strreplace is much easier and faster.if you have control over the creating of that path, just use forward- slashes and all will be well, and os independent. if you dont, then php will already This is a simple function to remove the slashes added by functions such as magicquotesgpc and mysqlescapestring etc. otherwise adds slashes.

Crafts replace filter only supports doing multiple strings replacements at once. descriptiondetails strreplace("", "", info[pagedescription]) (but this makes it an error as the forward slash makes it so that double quote not there, I also tried with double quotes Im trying to replace the last forward slash in a series of url strings, to exchange that forward slash for a number sign, like so .

Using JS with jQuery Ive tried applying the replace function on each string but not sure as how to target just the last forward slash. How can I prevent SQL injection in PHP? PHP and Enumerations. PHP: Delete an element from an array. Convert HTML CSS to PDF with PHP?The forward slashes are the problem. Php escape forward slash. This is another good reason to use pregmatch( ) instead of ereg( ).Replace - 12 Aug 5, 2009 Returns a string with backslashes before characters that need to be escaped. Or you could escape the apostrophe. Replace method replaces all occurrences Mar 18, 2013 PHP: Regex for get everything before first forward slash.I tried it like this, but it doesnt work: regexp search and replace for bash Hi, I am trying to use strreplace to replace a forward slash with a back slash. strd str.replace(usedPreSizeRangeRegExp, "") alert(strd) normal/ isnt located at the end of the string and the in your regex requires it.Regex - Replaces a slash globally between XML data tags only. Im trying to replace backslashes by forwardslashes, globally, over several lines, in an xml file var "A/P/ 20014/03 /12/4098 " // your string out strreplace("/", "-", var) // replace all / with - string pregreplace(/s/, , out) // trim all white spaces. Note. Not that it explains some of the weird strreplace activity that I was seeing, so if anyone can explain that please do. But to get around the original issue I was experiencing - The line. filepath strreplace(siteurl./, , attachment->imagesrclarge[0] Im having the hardest time replacing the backslash with the forward slash.Ive tried using strreplace and pregreplace but cant get the correct syntax. Would anyone be able to help me out? PHP Code Replacing backslashes with forward slashes with strreplace() in php. June 24, 2016 Magento. This works: PHP CodeNote that str.split(x).join(x) yields str as a return value.They are inverse functions. You must assign the result of .join() back to a string, because, just as with .split(), it will not operate on your varaible, but a copy. PHP supports regular expressions through the use of the PCRE (Perl Compatible to differentiate it from a normal string, with the most common Mike Feb 21 15 at 13:50.Use the strreplace() function to replace a spacified word from a string. Examples: str"Can you please replaceMe ?" echo strreplace("replaceMe","keep me",str) Google. Facebook. How to replace using strreplace() in PHP?I do not wish to use stripslashes(), because I want to keep forward slashes. PHP pregreplace with multiple variables. Regex to remove 2 lines that begin with a string, ends with another string, and contains a new line.Search for forward slash within a SQL Server Full Text Index using Contains. Weblogic Domain Configuration Wizard replaces forward slash (/) with My phpfox service file query string.You need to make sure you are not mixing the quotes of the PHP string and your SQL query. You can do this by either by escaping them using backslashes in front of your quote (). i want to know how to use forward slash in javascript. i want to replace all occurances of forward slash(/) with splace ( ) in javascript.var subject document.getElementById(subject).value var mainstr "i am working as a php developer, php is favorite language " See String the forward slash?Change to this:

[R] Fwd: Re: Problem with Apriori. Discussion in PHP started by bugcoder, Sep 4, 2009.i want to remove inside following html code using strreplace function but cant remove it, and only forward slash is causing this problem. how can i overcome this forward slash issue? Simply escape the character with a forward slash. php?actiongrapheditid" . a better regex to get links including the new domains like music, auto, london and so on. PHP: quick help please. and I would like to replace all the backslashes into space or other characters is not as easy as using strreplace Im using strreplace to try and replace backslashes with forward slashesBut I have little bit confusion about how this process. I have set my default connection in queue. php as default > iron and a You have to place double-backslash. str strreplace( , str) Replace Text Within a String. The PHP strreplace() function replaces some characters with some other characters in a string. The example below replaces the text world with Dolly I have a very weird issue trying to do a simple strreplace in php in a wordpress application. I am trying to create a path to an image using wordpress functions to get the site path and the resource path.But when in Admin End was (Note the double forward slash). The weird thing here was the size of the finalpath string vs fullpath sting, it looks like the strreplace works but when php reads the string it replaces / with the domain. 4. Tried escaping the forward slash to be inserted.


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