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Sort a multi-dimensional array.Sorting multi-dimensional array using arraymultisort, where you dont know the dimensions of the array. Sorting a multidimensional array in PHP? [duplicate]. To extend this to multi-dimensional sorting, reference the second/third sorting elements if the first is zero - best explained below.Browse other questions tagged php arrays sorting multidimensional-array or ask your own question. By the way, heres a varexport() dump of the array after it was sorted: EDIT: Re - your comment.I want to check if the values inside the "countries"-array contains a set value (like "EN") and if so, raise the priority in sorting on the parent array. Im trying to sort a multidimensional array. The data was taken from a mysql query: myrow mysqlfetchrow(result) query[] myrowSecondly, getting multi-dimensional (sic) arrays in PHP to sort like you want generates a ton of traffic here, so it must be hard. Case SORTASC: Asort(sortablearray) Break Case SORTDESC: Arsort(sortable array) Break . Foreach (sortablearray as k > v) . Newarray[k] array[k] . Return newarray . Something along the lines of that works for me (more or less copy pasted from http Multidimensional arrays are useful for all sorts of things, such as holding multiple database records and storing data to display in tables. Now that you know how to use them, you can add a new level of sophistication to your PHP scripts. Sorting Arrays.PHP: Multidimensional Arrays. Array does not have to be a simple list of keys and values each array element can contain another array as a value, which in turn can hold other arrays as well. A more inuitive way of sorting multidimensional arrays using arraymsort() in just one line, you dont have to divide the original array into per-column-arraysIf you do not have PHP 5.4 installed yet and you cannot use SORTNATURAL. This function sorts arrays natural multi-dimensional based on I hope you will find this method useful in your PHP projects so you can sort multidimensional arrays the way you want in case they did not come up already sorted in the first place. Multidimensional arrays can be one of the more confusing parts about learning PHP, but this video will help you get your head around it and give you some tools for sorting your multidimensional arrays that are simple and straight-forward.

No need for the loop: Arraymultisort(arraycolumn(mdarray, 0), SORTDESC, mdarray) and need to sort by, say, the name. So I wrote this script to take care of that. Since I have both PHP4 and PHP5 environments I wrote for both.Sort a multidimensional array by a given key . param array array param string key return array /. RecommendSorting a multidimensional array in PHP. " [3]> int(11) [4]> int(1270929600) What I need to be done is to sort the array based on arrays [x][4] (the unix timestamp value). How would I achieve this answer 1 >>accepted use a compare function, in this. Sorting an array is easy in PHP thanks for the built in sorting functions. However, when it comes to sorting a multidimensional array you need to employ these functions in a certain way, especially if you want to vary the data item you want to sort by.

We sort the multidimensional array using the arraymultisort() function.There are other ways of sorting multidimensional arrays in PHP. This, though, is probably the simplest way. Long not post, and now I want post again about how to sort multi dimensional array. Example Ive array like thisSo to fix this, we can use PHP less than or equals operator, so change the code to be like this Featured Books Articles Sorting Multi-Dimensional Arrays in PHP 30 Jun 2011. Every time I need to sort a multi-dimensional array in PHP, I have to look it up.In this video, youll learn how to sort multidimensional arrays in PHP. I am using PHP and a multidimensional array. I have stored points and other information as string variables. It is very important that I use string variables in my array. I would like to sort the array and add 3 new items.

I should be able to sort my subarrays. Example 2 Sorting multi-dimensional array. array("A","C"), "lunch" > array("B", "E"), "snack" > array("C","F")) lunches array( array("Chicken","Eggplant","Rice"), array("Eggplant","Tofu")) flavors array("Japanese" > array("hot" > "1", "salty" > "2" Every time I need to sort a multi-dimensional array in PHP, I have to look it up. Its not quite as quick and easy to look up as most things, so Im going to blog a quick example. Heres a simple array of users Sorting arrays with more than one dimension, or by something other than alphabetical or numerical order, is more complicated. PHP knows how to compare two numbers or two text strings, but in a multidimensional array, each element is an array. Required specifies an array Optional. Specifies the sorting order. Possible valuesSecond sorting multidimensional arrays. Example Three Im trying to figure out the correct function in PHP to sort a multidimensional array. I considered doing a foreach and then using ksort (this didnt work). I think it might be useful to note that the secondary keys (the numeric ones) are "manually". Multidimensional arrays are nice way to combine your data. PHP have great support for arrays including sorting functions for one-column and multi-column.Lets look at the function for sorting multidimensional arrays. Multidimensional array sorting procedure for csv files. Dynamically create a multidimensional array in date order. How to sort a multidimensional array of columns by a specific column in PHP? I would like to have the [values] array sorted as: first id 1 then id 3 and then id 2. So it compares the [name] and sort it that way. But I cant get it to work like I want to. See also questions close to this topic. how to add user role in php. usort(array, "twoarraycompare") Example. I hope you have Got What is php sort multidimensional array by value alphabetically And how it works.I would Like to have FeadBack From My Blog( readers.Your Valuable FeadBack,Any Question


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