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After everything ended we closed the session properly threw the paper away.My question was If a spirit ends up sticking to you after you dispose inapropriately of a ouija board, how do you send it away? Find out how to use an Ouija board and have fun passing an afternoon with friends by trying to connect to spirits and loved ones who have passed away.The Complete Guide to Using a Ouija Board Properly. Do you believe a Ouija Board could be used to contact the "other" side?As of the time this is posted I have just finished my first successful Ouija board session.Until I asked its name. It always started with G and ended with a Z or Q, such as "GASTPQ". A Ouija board is a game board with letters, numbers, and the words "yes," "no," and "goodbye" printed on it.In properly blinded tests of Qi Gong masters, when "recipients" do not know when Qi is or is not being directed at them, such changes in how strong they perceive their muscles to be fail to appear. How does an Ouija Board work?If you are very scared end the session as mentioned above making sure to close the doorway. Often, especially in new boards, the planchette wont move. Ouija Board Safety first how to end a session quickly.The board MUST be closed down properly at the end of each and every sance. Start by thanking the spirits for coming forward and talking with you. or demon at the end of the Ouija board session.How To: Play the classic word board game Scrabble. How To: Properly store your snowboard during the summer months. How To: Create a properly functioning leader board with the StarCraft 2 Editor. - How do you properly end a session?Ive been getting a lot of asks from people who have never played before asking how, exactly, one plays the Ouija board. So Im just going to sum it all up here in some easy steps. While researching my post on Zozo, the Ouija board demon, I came across some interesting advice about what a person should do once he or she decides to end spirit communication. How do you break that connection with the other side? picture a white light covering the entire board, the planchette and then yourself and others.

How to Use the Ouija Board.Always say Goodbye Even if you have to force the Planchette to the word, make sure to end every session you start. People who do not use the board properly frequently have bad experiences and then think thatThe board is just a tool. How you use it will have a large bearing on the sort of experience you have.If you do not take care when using a Ouija Board, you are likely to frighten yourself and think the board is evil.Not only will you attract these for the session, but you may end up keeping them with you The ouija (/wid/ WEE-j or /widi/ WEE-jee), also known as a spirit board or talking board, is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 09, the words "yes", "no", "hello" (occasionally), and "goodbye", along with various symbols and graphics.

The moment you sense a negative entity, end your use of the Ouija board at once.How To Use The Spirit Board. During your session, you will need people to touch the pointer, with one main person controlling it, while another person will simply observe and take notes. Ouija Board Safety first how to end a session quickly.The board MUST be closed down properly at the end of each and every sance. Start by thanking the spirits for coming forward and talking with you. The Ouija board is a simple board made up of wood that has letters of the alphabet and a yes and no marked on it.First of all, if you are not careful as to whose spirit you invite or how many spirits you invite, any ofSo remember to follow the instructions properly if you do not want to end up in trouble. Ouija boards are a tool. They can be useful if you use them properly but as with any tool misuse leads to bad can i communicate with my father the safest way and how do u end the session the safest way this will be my first time using it! reply back please! Read The Ouija Columbine x 2 from the story Ouija Board Sessions by katydawn22 with 674 reads. paranormal, school, columbine.This started out as a single post for a recount of a Ouija session I had with spirits who claimed to be the Columbine killers. Destroy that Ouija board so no more accidents occur. Your son, probably in his ignorance of how the board works, left the board openAfter this session, they put up the Ouija Board and never brought it out again.Legend has it, that if a home is properly blessed, you will hear a thundering sound. One of the best resources on how to use a Ouija Board and the history behind the Ouija Board is the Talking Board HistoricalEither somebody will give you a Ouija Board as a gift or it will end up on your front door or other inReally creepy spirit activity caught on tape during a Ouija Board session . If this happens, the session has become dangerous and you must end it immediately.Close The Session Properly. If the Ouija session is not closed, the portal to the other side is left open, making it possible for anything to come through.

So those are my tips for how to use a Ouija Board safely. Do you agree or disagree? How-to-use-a-ouija-board-can-you-play-alone-safely-and-properly -with-your-ouija-mystifying-oracle.Join us as our lead investigator Tyler walks us through his tips and tricks on how to run a safe Ouija board session. Posts about ouija board written by whisperingdark. When readers email me, one of the most common questions asked is how to use an Ouija alone. always end the session properly by saying goodbye before removing your Steps. ALWAYS say goodbye at the end of a session. Make sure the planchette goes to goodbye as well. If you do not, its like setting a phone down without hanging up.Originally Answered: How do I use a Ouija board? I am available for free Ouija board sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area.You must properly say Goodbye to end contact with a spirit on the Ouija board.So how do you say Goodbye? But how do you destroy a Ouija board?Some say that if a Ouija board is not exited or closed properly after a session then the spirit remains trapped inside the board, if the Ouija isShip it to the other end of the world, and hopefully the Ouija board happy with its new owner, will leave you alone. Ouija Board Experience (self.nosleep). 7 gn nce HelpReddit888 gnderdi.You made a few mistakes, but your biggest mistake was not ending the session properly.So you can make sure if you open it you know how to closeend it when done. How To Dispose Of Ouija Boards Properly : THE HORROR MOVIES BLOG See How Easily a Rat Can Wriggle Up Your Toilet | National Geographic - Duration: Rosie Plays with a Ouija Board/Grounded - Duration: RareYellowWUUTBee 57, views. Ouija Board Experiences from around the world. Reader submitted stories, personal encounters with the Ouija Board.So we stood at the end of my front porch and posed for pictures.Do you know how you actually close the board properly? With the warnings out of the way, lets learn how to use a Ouija Board.It is not necessary to turn down lights or light candles. This is simply for atmosphere. If you want to do this properly the environment should be the last thing on your mind. "We do not store any files including How Do You End A Ouija Board Session, all data sourced collected from the internet. This is just an example and review version only for preview before you buy. How to properly use a Ouija board? So Ive used a Ouija board many times beforeA very powerful way is to say an introductory and releasing prayer to protect yourself from evil influences which might want to linger and hang around even after you ended. How does work the Ouija board ? The principle is fairly simple reason why it is so dangerous For the leader, this can be quite a draining process and I remember about my mother feeling very tired at the end of each session. How to properly use an Ouija board.Step 1: Find a safe environment.End the session immediately. If the pointer starts to make figure eights, it means that an evil spirit has taken control of the board. How a Ouija Board Works. It should go without saying Parker Brothers is probably not in the business of manufacturing portals to hell and selling them to children ages "8 toDid you work on a farm? NO. At this point, the gibberish continued so we decided to end the first haunted session and take a break. Though the layout of the Ouija board usually vary from country to country, the best layout isThis was just a brief insight on how the board looks like, now let us see how to use an Ouija boardOnce you are done with the session, closing the board is an important step which should be done properly.Dont use the board for more than an hour or so, as you may end up tiring yourself and the spirits Graphic on how to setup of your Ouija Board Session Team. Assign Roles — Each main group member has a roleEnd the session by saying Goodbye. Pack up and leave the space (slow and careful, no rush). Know the negative energy will evaporate. 5 Important Ouija Board Rules to remember for your next Ouija Board Session. These Ouija Board Rules are the keys to contact with Ghosts, and Demons.Ouija Board Rule 2.The Planchette. I have seen many different techniques over the years about how to hold a planchette however at the end of Hey, everyone. I got sick of humans getting the Ouija board the bad wrap of things, so I am here to clear things up and to teach you how to have a safe, proper session. So youtube decided to be a dick and almost give me a copyright strike on the last video I made, which is this one If the planchette moves to all four corners of the board or makes a figure 8 pattern, end the session it is evil.Sort of like on our first session ever, we asked how he died and spelled het, but really meant heat. Never play Ouija alone. How do I properly "open" and "close" the board?Consequently, a session with the Ouija board should always begin and end with a group of correct behaviors intended to strengthen one psychically and to protect against any unfriendly "entities." Set up your Ouija board, light some candles, and follow these guides to getting chatting with a dead person ASAP.You might even be able to figure out how to correctly play light as a feather, stiff as a board if you follow them correctly - with the occult, theres no end to things that you can achieve. So, how do you dispose ouija boards properly?In the end, though, there is still no sure-fire way of guaranteeing that youll be rid of either the board or evil spirits that may manifest from bad use. Using a Ouija board properly is as much about attaining the proper mind state as it is receiving answers.When ending a session NEVER simply get up and walk away leaving the board as it is. ALWAYS move the planchette to goodbye. If you believe in the power of a ouija board,you will believe this,too. Insert the 7 pieces into your rectum,sideways,then resist the urge to deficate as long as you can. WikiAnswers Categories Religion Spirituality Supernatural and the Occult Fortunetelling Ouija Boards How do you properly close a Ouija board? Ending the Session Properly. One of the mistakes people make is closing the board up and quitting when they get bored.If an experience seems to be going downhill fast, it is best to end it. Never aggravate the spirit or taunt it. How to Buy a Ouija Board and Supplies on eBay. It is not just important to learn how to play the Ouija board properly, but also imperative to learn how to close down an Ouija board session correctly.Firstly decide what time you would like to end the Ouija board session beforehand and remember all participants must be in agreement. "Im going to use an Ouija board with my friends next week, and it helped me to know how to properly protect us from any evil entities."" more."Letting me know how to convince a spirit to end a session helped most." Dont let the board control the session. The medium ought to start by declaring that the session will just permit an encounter that is sure or to a higher decent and that negative energies are not welcome.Everything about Ouija Boards. Pages. Use the board in a graveyard or place where a tragic death has occurred. Be rude. Forget to properly close the session. Do.Stay patient, calm and relaxed. Be polite. Ending Your Ouija Board Session.


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