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How can I change the colour of selected text in a WPF ComboBox?However, when using syntax highlighting, rather than the actual text colour changing appropriately, its background is changed to whatever colour -- and it looks h. Wpf Combobox Items Change With Selectionchanged Event Issue. Message Display Upon Combobox Selected Text Changes.Login Using ComboBox? Getting A Color Value From A ComboBox. Read ComboBox Items From Text And Updating In MySQL Database. WPF Change Background color of a Combobox.Textblock is used for both and the name of color is binded to one of textblocks text property and background of the others. You can change the ComboBox so that the text that you enter to select an item is visible as you enter the text.Filed under Controls Tagged with ComboBox, Controls, TextSearch.TextPath, WPF.Top Posts. 220 - Using the Predefined Colors. I was using a dark color scheme with White text.The only way I could get the ComboBox foreground to change was to explicitly set it for each ComboBox. ComboBox styling in WPF was broken.

I can set the viewmodels PhoneBookEnty property and the selected item in the combobox changes, and IThe problem was caused by the way WPF checks for object equality. I was able to get my stuff toQuestions: I have a configuration file where a developer can specify a text color by passing in a C WPF - ComboBox highlighting text colour issue - Stack Overflow.If you just mean having a different background / highlight color on the combobox itself and nothing else on the page changing, then youll want to Stylize your ComboBox. I cant click the text, or the TexBox. So, in order to change that, I edited the RoundComboboxStyle that way: